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5 Examples of Successful Customer Testimonial from Popular Ecommerce Websites

Reviews and customer testimonials have a massive impact on sales conversion rates. In fact, a recent study showed that almost 75% of consumers are more likely to trust a local business if it’s received good reviews.

Clearly, then, it’s important that you utilize customer testimonials on your website to generate more sales. 


Looking at effective examples of testimonials can help you determine how best to incorporate them within your own website design. In this article, we highlight a few examples of great testimonials to help generate some ideas.



How Can Looking at Examples of Customer Testimonials Help You?

Especially if you have little experience in website design, it can be difficult to know where to place customer testimonials to ensure that they’re clearly visible and effective.

There are also a lot of different design factors to take into consideration when putting together a page for customer testimonials.


Examples of high quality can help show you:


    • What layout to use.
    • How to create a visually appealing design.
    • What type of information to include.
    • How long testimonials should be.
    • And more!

Pay attention to the rest of this article to see what design features you may borrow for your own site.


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Five Examples of Good Testimonials for You to Consider

Below, we’ve brought together examples of five well-designed customer testimonial pages from some of the most popular e-commerce sites and web-based services out there today.

Hopefully, this section will give you an idea of how you can lay out your own client testimonials.

Examples like these can also help enlighten you as to the type of content these testimonials should include.


So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some great customer testimonial examples!


Example #1: Zendesk

Zendesk is an extremely popular help desk software provider, serving more than 100,000 customers all over the world.

Given that their focus is on customer service, it makes sense that they, too, put an emphasis on the customer experience on their own website.


From Zendesk’s “Customer Stories” page, you can click through to find out more about hundreds of customers, and can even filter by industry, region, company size, and more.

Each company’s page is thoughtfully constructed, featuring quotations and quick facts alongside a history of the client in question.


Example #2: Hootsuite

Popular social media management platform Hootsuite is another site that features good testimonials. Examples of ways they do this include:


  • Explaining why the client sought out their services.
  • Detailing the impact their services had on the client’s performance.
  • Including quotations from the client that illustrate the importance of their services.


Additionally, Hootsuite has clearly been designed with the utmost care: the website is easy to navigate and all their case study pages have been laid out in a clear, simple manner.

As you can see from the screenshot below, they also use clean fonts and complimentary color combinations to make the text pop.


Example #3: Shopify

Shopify is a world-renowned e-commerce platform with over 1.75 million users across the globe. Its popularity comes as no surprise when you see how well-designed and easy-to-use its website is.

Unlike some other websites, Shopify’s testimonials are on its homepage, meaning you only have to scroll down to see what its customers have to say about the service.


This is a great idea, as it means that a greater number of people will be able to find and access those great testimonials.

Examples of other design choices you might take inspiration from are the site’s testimonial carousel feature and clear font.



Example #4: Slack

So far, most of our business testimonials examples have focused on website layout and how the reviews are incorporated within the page. Now, we’d like to focus our attention on the content of the testimonials themselves.

Slack is a messaging app specifically aimed at businesses. The “Customer Stories” page on its website is home to dozens of compelling reviews—but it’s the carousel at the top of the page that really catches the eye.


Featuring quotations that are short, sweet, and to the point, it allows website visitors to get a sense of the app’s usefulness at a glance.

In the below example, Jon manages to sum up Slack’s main benefits in just a few short lines—no doubt stoking up interest in potential clients.



Example #5: Focus Lab

The final entry on our list of sample testimonials for business websites is Focus Lab. As a branding agency, the team behind Focus Lab knows all about creating effective websites.

It’s no surprise, then, that their customer testimonial section is eye-catching and intriguing, all without being cluttered or crowded.


Their case studies are presented as a series of attractive cards that you can interact with to find out more about the project. These cards are laid out in a simple fashion, with a brief description beneath each of the work that was done.

The case studies themselves are laid out in an attractive, simple fashion, featuring quotations from the company.



What Do the Best Testimonial Examples Have in Common?

Having looked at a handful of testimonial examples, let’s think about what makes them all so effective. These factors can be divided up into two categories that we’ll call design and content.

Design factors include:


  • Layout. Where are your customer testimonials? Are they easy to access? 
  • Font. Have you used a clear font? Is the font size large enough?
  • Color. Do the colors you’ve chosen stand out on the page? Are they eye-catching?


Content factors include:


  • Length. Use short quotations that sum up the review to draw readers in.
  • High-value content. Include information that’s relevant to your audience.
  • Trustworthiness. Testimonials that feature the reviewer’s name, position, and company are more trustworthy.



Consider These Good Testimonial Examples When Building Your Website

When putting together a customer testimonial page, it’s important that you think not only of the content you’re presenting but also of how you’re presenting it.

We hope that this article of customer testimonials examples has helped you get a better idea of both.


Before you start designing your own testimonial section, have a look at some websites whose designs you particularly enjoy. See how they lay out their reviews, paying attention to things like font and color.

Make sure that you also take note of what information they include within their testimonials. 


After, reflect on these lessons, and see if you can come up with ways to incorporate them within your own design. Don’t just look to copy them; instead, see what you can do better!

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