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7 Unique Roles of B2B Telemarketing you won’t find anywhere else

Telemarketing now resides within the shadows cast by the enormous internet marketing evolution that’s eating up the business world today. About two decades ago it was at the pinnacle of all marketing heights, and now it only exists as a seasoned veteran — but very much alive.

There are things that traditional marketers value and these are things that only a traditional method like telemarketing can bring about. Therefore it creates a distinctive impact in the industry, one that preserves the very reason why telemarketing is still being used by a majority of B2B companies.

Here are the roles that it plays in the B2B framework, and why you should value them as well:

1. Telemarketing can tap a non-Internet-based demographic. Believe it or not, there is still a significant fragment of people that are not web-savvy, even in the B2B world. These are your conventional business people, living off simple needs and traditions. And just because they’re not online doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your business.

2. Telemarketing can strengthen brand awareness. What marketers really need nowadays is to reinforce a brand name without merely repeating. Telemarketing gives the opportunity to instill a brand within the target market’s awareness by being informative and personal at the same time.

3. Telemarketing can extract immediate and timely feedback. Telemarketing promotes immediacy and interactivity, which other channels do not possess.

4. Telemarketing calls can strengthen a relationship with existing customers while maintaining selling opportunities. Recurring customers make a company stable, and it’s important to keep the ties strong.Telemarketing can make them feel they are continually valued.

5. Telemarketing is still perfect for business-to-business interactions. Business-to-business calls are part of the commercial landscape and do not carry the stigma that calling on households can. Aside from email, telemarketing calls are the main communication lines for businesses.

6 Telemarketing can establish a good talent pool for future sales representatives. Telemarketing is a great way to try out people who have an aptitude in sales as a career track and see if they’ve got what it takes to succeed with the big guys.

7. Telemarketing provides sales evaluation data. The vertical volume of telemarketing calls provides a number of evaluation metrics, such as number of calls made, successful contacts per call, and lead closing rates. This is important in drafting future plans and making adjustments in a campaign’s approach.

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