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“I Wish I Could Sell Like…???”

“I Wish I Could Sell Like…???”: Have you ever wondered why some people are able to exceed sales targets easily and consistently and others try really hard and don’t get the same level of sales success?

It’s all down to Strategies! When you do things brilliantly and effortlessly it means you’ve developed a great strategy. When you struggle it means you have an ineffective strategy.
You have millions of strategies. You’ll have one for getting up in the morning. You’ll have one for your journey to work, you’ll have one for cleaning your teeth! The list goes on. You have devised a strategy for everything you do.

So what is a strategy exactly?

In this context a strategy is the precise…and I mean very precise…order and sequence of what you think and do from the trigger point to completion of the specific activity. Every thought you have during the process impacts on your inner state and behaviour. Just to make it more interesting, there are elements of your strategies that are done completely unconsciously!

You have modelled other people’s strategies from the moment you were born. You watched. You saw. You copied. In no time you were walking, talking, dancing and feeding yourself. You would have been thrilled every time you mastered a new strategy

It’s exactly the same as an adult

Think of it…all of those things in your life and work that aren’t as you’d like them to be…you can change them easily by modelling yourself on a person that has already successfully achieved what you’re wanting to achieve! Some of your existing strategies will be working well. But some of your other strategies will have become out of date. Sometimes though, you don’t always realise that they are out of date, so you continue with unproductive processes and behaviour.

If you aren’t getting the sales results you want, my guess is you’ve got some strategies that just don’t work for you. In fact once you start scrutinising them you’ll probably find that some of your strategies are actually making it much more difficult for you to achieve the sales success you want!

So the secret to being an amazingly successful sales professional is to carry on using your strategies that deliver results and ditch the ones that don’t…and in their place you put proven strategies you know will get you the results you want.

How do identify a great strategy?

How do identify a great strategy? Go out and find someone that is already achieving the results you want – and elicit their strategy so that you can use it yourself!

There are some pointers to consider before you go charging off in pursuit of the most successful sales person you can find. You must find someone that gets the exact results you want and behaves and thinks in a way that you would be happy to model. Choose your person wisely. When you find your person — it’s not just what you see in terms of behaviours that you need to elicit. Think of their strategy as an iceberg and their behaviours as the bit you see above the water line. Most is below the water line – their thinking — and it’s in this area of their strategy where the magic can lie.

Have a think…in any area of your role…who is achieving exactly what you want to achieve?

Whose strategy can you model?

All part of the psychology of sales.

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