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My mindset observations during lockdown!

My mindset observations during lockdown!

During the COVID lockdown, I have had the pleasure of speaking with a large number of sales people, sales leaders and sales enablement clients and contacts.

I’ve noticed mindset step changes occurring around every 3 weeks and thought you might find my observations interesting for yourself and your sales team.

Lockdown Week 1

The announcement of lockdown created a stress response in many. Fight, flight and freeze were prominent. Also noticed lots of fear, annoyance and anger…a normal response to a fried nervous system when the mind is trying to make sense of what’s happening.

Lockdown Week 4

The reality kicks in…the situation isn’t going back to how it was. Many realised how much their regular habits gave them structure…travelling to the office or client meetings, gym visits, meeting friends and anything else that they would normally do each week. The lack of structure created a lethargic response in many who then had to find a way to create structure in their days.

Lockdown Week 7

A sense of detachment began to unfold…no physical contact with colleagues or clients increased feelings of loneliness for those living alone or overwhelm for those in busy homes. Any celebrations, weddings or holidays that they were looking forward to were either being cancelled or postponed. There was a sense of loss and some experienced feelings of sadness and grief.

Lockdown Week 10

Lethargy and tiredness increased…despite more people turning to walking, running or cycling to get some exercise. The energy was often there but the desire was not and people shared how they were sleeping more or not wanting to get up in the morning. They felt like their tanks were empty. Some recognised the need for regular breaks to stop fatigue grabbing hold.

If you noticed any of these changes in yourself and your team then welcome to the human race. Uncertainty over an extended period of time creates a host of emotions that have a negative impact on your body and your mind.

To be honest…all of us need a mindset boost to be anywhere close to where we were before the COVID Lockdown and you best start now…especially if you and your sales team have been furloughed!

What can you do now?

Get yourself in the best mindset possible by consuming anything that inspires you…books, videos, TED Talks or similar so that you can mentally prepare yourself for meaningful conversations with your team.

Check in with each member of your team…preferably on a video call

Let them share how they are really feeling…do NOT interrupt or try to fix them

Listen and acknowledge

Share any similar experiences you have had…we are all human

Agree on the small steps they are happy to take to get themselves back into mindset fitness

What your team need now!

Now is not the time for a full-on charge of the light brigade…come on guys you can do it kind of approach. With low reserves, you will simply increase any feelings of inadequacy, fear or lethargy that they are trying to hide.

Slow safe steps will get you a much better outcome long term.

Now is the time for strong and empathetic leadership because so many of us are feeling ever so slightly battered and bruised.

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

PS If you’re interested in a Zoom Mindset Booster Session for your team please contact me on 07932 164873 or [email protected]

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