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Power in The Feminine?

There’s been an uprising this year and it’s brought a smile to my face and a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. What is this uprising I hear you ask? It’s the surge of feminine energy that is going for gold, success, power, the millionaire mindset…you name it and they are going for it.

Not only have I spoken at TWO big women-only events already this year, I’m also speaking at “International Women of Power” this weekend and attended my own ladies only event…The One Retreat that focused on us as women as well as the success of our business.

What I’ve found is that something very special happens when women come together…they nurture and help each other. They want other women to feel good about themselves and offer support and advice in a gentle way that is more easily received. They have a willingness to share contacts and an open heart to hear what is being said.

Now before you guys get up in arms about my observations…there are many men out there that would also do this. In my experience it’s not ever so obvious in a male only group. Maybe that’s the competitive edge in guys. The competitive edge is different in women…it’s more “we can all be successful…there’s enough to go round…together we are stronger”

So maybe we can all adopt a more open and collaborative approach regardless of what sex you are. One that is more curious, supportive and giving. I know that this approach works brilliantly for increasing sales. The more of these qualities you display when communicating with your customers, the more they want to buy from you. So let’s get feminine and show that there is power in that too!

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