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Sales Leadership has Evolved!

Sales Leadership has Evolved!

Sales Leadership has evolved to be a very different function since I was promoted to Sales Manager in the 80’s. Back then you could simply focus on the numbers and tell your team what you expected of them. You gave them training to bridge any gaps and they just went off and got on with it.

Today Sales Leadership requires a very different kind of person

You must be everything your team needs in order to feel good on the inside (self-belief and confidence) so they can be the best version of themselves and achieve sales success.

This means you must have the capability to step into so many more roles…leader, coach, mentor, therapist, relationship counsellor, giver of tough love and anything else they might need.

Remember to always have a packet of tissues as these can come in very handy!

It’s simply not enough to focus on sales strategy anymore!

Not only do you have to wear all these hats, you also have to calibrate their every mood so that you can fly in as soon as you see a dip in their being to nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem.

Often a few words are all that’s needed at this stage…and it is so much easier to rectify at this point. Once it sets in you have to start digging for the root of the issue and your sales person is more emotionally attached to it too so harder to shift.

Didn’t sign up for this kind of Sales Leadership?

That is true for some sales leaders. I find many stuck in the old way of doing things.

Many have evolved and are up for the challenge to stretch their skills and change lives…because that is what the Sales Leaders of today are doing.

Changing the way members of their sales teams think and behave…and if you do that for them at work you are also changing the way they think and behave in their personal lives too.

There really is nothing more rewarding than seeing people develop as human beings — growing their self-belief, confidence and their winning sales mindset so they become top performers and well rounded and grounded sales professionals.

Are you up for the challenge?

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

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About the author

Hi I’m Leigh Ashton of The Sales Consultancy

Whether you’re a small business or a leading brand, an area manager or a Chief Executive, whether you’re new to sales or an experienced sales professional. Even if you’re not in sales at all but want to understand it, you’ve come to the right place.

The World of Sales is changing.

Today’s conventional sales training doesn’t address the psychological barriers that get in their way.

My approach takes your sales team through a process that:

* Helps them identify their psychological barriers and gives them the tools to overcome them
* Teaches them how the mind works so they can keep motivated and stay focused
* Gives them the ability to identify the psychological patterns of their clients and prospects so they connect with them at a deeper level and close more sales

And at a higher level…

* It creates more success in other areas of their lives so they are happier generally…and happier sales people generate more sales

Wherever you are on your personal sales journey what’s the best course of action for YOU.

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