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Utilize Social Media for Networking

Maximizing your sales network by leveraging social media

It is all over the Internet, TV & Radio — it’s the biggest movement in civilization since the industrial revolution; millions of people use it daily! Do you think it can help your sales team? When you add social media to your existing marketing strategy you are taking advantage of both Internal SEO and External SEO. Implementing an online marketing strategy to push your sales team out over the Internet has become an added element to sales and if you take advantage of how it works, it will give you a leg up with connecting to people.

Social Media is not going away anytime soon — there are two generations in our society who have grown up with it on their cell phones, which have Internet, TV & Radio! People search in their cell phones or on the computer to find the goods and services that your company offers now, so the stronger online presence you carry, the better success rate you will have of being found. This is where Internal SEO and External SEO work together to get you in front of more people.

When websites are built, the programmer embeds alphanumeric characters in the back-end of your website that describe your company, it’s location, the industry, etc. This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO, which includes, Meta Tags and keyword descriptions. These words are used by search engines like Yahoo, Google, Dog pile and Bing to find what people are looking for. If you have good SEO, people will find your company. This is your Internal SEO because it is embedded in your company website.

Social Media throws an added bonus to the discovery of your personal (Facebook) or sales professional (LinkedIn) profile through search engines. When you develop a social media profile, you fill out a description that includes your place of business, it’s location, your contact info, what goods & services your company offers, etc. This is called External SEO or Social Media Optimization, because it includes a lot of the same information the programmer embedded in your company’s website. So when people search for the things your company offers, the search engine goes out and retrieves the information in your business website as well as your professional and personal social media platforms and lists them as part of the search engine results.

In short, if your business has an aggressive online marketing strategy that includes social media, you will be miles ahead in regards to networking and being searchable on the world wide web. So by playing off the Internal SEO in your company website and using External SEO in your social media profiles, you will increase the online presence for yourself and your company. Both will contain information about your company and how to contact you, which will ultimately drive prospecting leading to more sales because you become more visible to prospects when searching online.

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