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Commitment to Dedication

Being dedicated to your goal

When you are committed to one thing, but your teams focus is not as dedicated as you thought, you fall short of meeting your goal. You must have one or the other to be successful, but knowing how to make both of them work together is where the magic happens. The commitment you have to the dedication of the task at hand is what determines your success rate. It is how you excel at reaching goals that are set for you & your team.

Being around many different types of leadership for some time, on a local, state and international level, there is one thing I have noticed. Throughout all of the teachings, education, classes and discussions around goal setting that I have been a part of- the piece that is missing is what is in between setting the goal and achieving the goal? After thinking about this for a while it has become clear that the answer is simple, it’s the commitment to dedication that will allow you to reach your teams goals/accomplishments.

When you are committed, you are devoted and mentally prepared take on the challenge. To be committed, you agree to prepare yourself with the information you need to make the right plan and that you have the knowledge to execute it. It is taking a stand and saying “I can get this done!” The dedication you make to fulfill a commitment is the action it takes to accomplish what you have committed to. This is the execution of the steps that the team has committed to complete, in an effort to achieve the goal set in place. It is up to the leader to motivate the team to take action, but it is up to the team to be dedicated enough to fulfill the commitment.

Having a commitment to dedication will ensure success, ultimately opening up doors to new opportunities and goals.

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