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What Can Mrs Thatcher’s Death Tell You About Sales?

What a deluge of written and spoken words following the passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Reading and listening to those polarised arguments about her merits or otherwise, gave me a timely reminder of one of the most important ‘commandments’ of selling…

“Everyone has their own unique map of the world”

Margaret Thatcher. How can one woman; one mind; one set of policies; one set of actions, elicit wildly different opinions?
Simply because “Everyone has their own unique map of the world”.

Everyone in the world has had a different upbringing, had different parents, had different teachers, joined different groups and clubs, read different news papers, watched different TV programmes, had different work colleagues and so on. No-one has had exactly the same set of experiences. We’re all unique. Who you are today, your values, your beliefs, your opinions about politics or anything else will have been forged by these differing influences. This is your “map.”

So it becomes much clearer why some people loved Mrs T – whilst others loathed her. Same woman, same actions. Likewise sit an Arsenal supporter and a Tottenham supporter next to each other at a game between the two football clubs – and they will see two completely different football matches. 

One football game. Two vastly differing maps.

And the link to sales?

You need to recognise that every one of your potential customers is unique. Recognise that they’re not like you. They are looking at a different ‘map’. What excites you may not excite them. What you dread, they may look forward to. You might talk passionately about your favourite features of your product because you think everyone will love those things (your map) – when they may be more excited about the one thing you think is relatively unimportant.

How much better would your company finances look if you added 10% to your customer conversion rate? I would wager that the reason you don’t already have that extra 10% is because in many cases you don’t recognise the “map” of your potential customers, the ones that slip quietly away.

Want more sales?

Then leave your map of the world – and find out their map. What’s on their mind? What are their challenges? What problems are they encountering? What are they looking to achieve? It’s not about you – it’s about them. Get curious. Put your detective hat on.

I suggest you build a bank of around five great questions that you can choose from to get you the vital information you need for you to get to know their map of the world. Ask the questions. Let them talk. Crucially, LISTEN! Build a picture. And then you’ll be in a much better position for sales success and to match your offering with their specific needs.

By the way – you don’t have to agree with their map of the world, just acknowledge it and work with it for the purpose in hand – to identify whether what you’re offering is what they need. If you work out their map of the world you’ll achieve wonderful rapport – and with rapport anything is possible in sales. 

Until next time.


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