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What Is Your Self Esteem Worth?

Your self esteem is all you have – what are you worth? What is your self worth? How do you calculate it?

Your self worth is a combination of your self esteem, self confidence and self respect.

Self esteem is an internal sense of worth. It reflects an inner confidence and self-respect. Self esteem shines outwardly and is demonstrated by the actions one takes.

Your internal self worth, which consists of your self-esteem, self confidence and self respect, will become your external net worth.

When comparing individuals with a weak self esteem to those with a strong one, what are the obvious differences? Does it play a major role? Of course, it does.

Self esteem is the essence of a personality, and is reflected in ones self worth and net worth. Weak self esteem produces low self confidence and low self worth/net worth; whereas strong self esteem produces much more confidence in oneself and increases one’s self and net worth accordingly.

It all begins with your beliefs. What you believe to be true about yourself usually generates equivalent self worth, self confidence and self respect. Your beliefs determine your attitude which is a big part of self esteem.

Are you carrying appropriate beliefs about yourself, or are you still carrying a lot of negative baggage? If the latter still exists, get rid of it. You are an adult now and should be able to distinguish between fact and fiction. Get rid of the fiction.

Take control of your attitude and your mindset by ridding yourself of all those negative beliefs.

I believe we all came into this world as miracles and equal human beings regardless of race, religion, colour, nationality, sex, title or role.

However, your exposure to the outside world with respect to family, religion, education, politics, etc., has influenced your inside world or your true self esteem. You have created your own fears, limitations and boundaries based on what you allowed inside from the outside world. You have become your own worst enemy.

Overtime your personal perceptions have been altered. Your self esteem has diminished and your self worth suddenly has limitations. Your level of courage is no longer what it was when you were a child.

You need to go back and review your values as it relates to your self confidence. You need to remove some of the baggage that has been holding you back and contributing to your low self confidence and self respect. You need to boost your self esteem by acknowledging your worth and managing your emotions. Your self esteem portrays your values and affects the choices you make.

Simply by changing your internal thinking, you can reclaim your self confidence and self respect and strive for a level ten self respect as your standard. This is a level of self esteem from which to begin.

It is a known fact that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. How you feel about yourself, in particular your self esteem is reflected in your daily conversations, your body language and your abilities. You are responsible for your destiny and anything is possible with high quality self respect.

Your self esteem, like your attitude, is within your control. Discipline yourself to take control of that most important person in the world. You are the all inclusive package of self confidence and self respect. All three attributes equal your self worth and in turn, your self worth will translate externally into your net worth.

What is self esteem worth to you?

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