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Why Do Your Employees Leave You?

For companies involved in appointment setting services, especially those using telemarketing as its medium, one of the biggest challenges that they might face is in terms of employee loyalty and turnover. Indeed, employees leaving the company can greatly affect a company’s ability in generating good business leads. In this type of business, consistency is the key. Training new people to make up for the gap created by leaving old employees is not enough.

But really, what could be the reason employees leave? There are plenty of reasons, if one is to list them down, but it would best to examine the most basic of these:

  1. Manager issues – you may offer your employees a high paying job, plus a lot of other perks, but if they still want to leave, citing work dissatisfaction, you might want to take a closer look at the manager handling them. Believe it or not, the relationship between employees and their manager can be a big factor in whether they stay or not. Good managers earn the loyalty, respect, and admiration. Bad managers are the kind that employees just want to get away from.
  2. Too much reorganization – employees who leave work citing their fears for the future might be a sign that you are rearranging your company too much. Reassigning people to different positions, slashing jobs, changing the goals of the company, etc. leaves employees with a sense of uncertainty. That could be enough reason for them to look for more stable pastures.
  3. Intense internal competition – competition is good to promote growth, but if it turns into a mudslinging match where one tries to bring down the other, then you have to step in. Some might say that the stress it creates is good, but why do we devote a lot of our time to de-stress? Because it makes us sick, and we always try to get rid of what makes us sick, including the job. This can greatly impact your ability to generate business leads.
  4. Insufficient support – employees who leave because they do not feel that they will grow is a good indicator of your communication policies. Try sitting down with them, talking about career paths in the company and you can avoid them feeling that they are stuck in a rut. This also runs together with reason number one, since it is the manager’s role to help their employees thrive.
  5. Work-life imbalance – some employees leave because their telemarketing work seem to interfere with their lives. Maybe they are single parents raising their children alone, but had to work during odd hours, or maybe the new company policies would go against an employee’s principles. These are just some of the reasons why they leave he company. Addressing these issues can help retain customers better.

So, for the sake of getting results done, like in getting your B2B leads, you have to keep your best employees. The problems listed above are just a few, but addressing them can be a great relief to your appointment setting business.

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