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Why GQ is the New IQ

Much has been made of IQ when it comes to predicting the ability to succeed in life but it seems, GQ is the new IQ. However, when it really comes down to it, smarts aren’t everything, at least those measured by intelligence tests. Call it the Zuckerberg effect if you will, but the real predictor of success these days lies not in one’s IQ score, but rather, the ability to grow, learn, adapt, change, follow through, and make things happen — the Growth Quotient or GQ.

What is GQ?

The ability to grow and push forward, in spite of everything is GQ. At first glance, it might seem that GQ is the capability to get things done, and it is, but it’s also more than that. GQ represents the ability to persist in the face of all kinds of challenges, to push forward into uncertainty and embrace the future, to be self-motivated and self-confident, and to be a lifelong learner — someone who embraces new information and criticism and uses it to grow and get better.

What does a lack of GQ look like?

When someone doesn’t have GQ, they’re anything but growth-oriented. People with low or no GQ may exhibit bravado — not confidence. They are easily swayed by outside influences and don’t know how to listen to their own internal voice. For people lacking GQ, comfort and familiarity are key, and change is their enemy. There is a phrase, “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know,” and this sentiment perfectly expresses the belief system of a person without GQ. For growth and survival to be possible, IQ must evolve, therefore GQ becomes the new IQ.

Grow your GQ

So why does GQ matter?

Because, more than anything, a high GQ is associated with success. In leadership. In sales. In life. When you have a high GQ, you accomplish more, you grow more and you win more. That’s why, at NASP, more than anything, we work to boost your GQ. And how do we do that? By helping you grow the habits that support your own growth through prescriptive coaching, through CPSP Certification and by engaging you with information through our library of sales materials, our community and our site as a whole.

We also help move you to a high GQ by helping you grow towards your ideal seller style. The IC-8 for Sales® model shows the seller styles which exhibit a high GQ — the driven seller, the visionary seller and the value seller. Each of these sellers are internally motivated and growth-oriented, and enjoy the greatest success as salespeople.


The Driven Seller is highest on Internal Motivation and Self-focused. Driven Sellers are very rational and objective. They focus on getting results. They focus on achieving results and accomplishing tasks. Their skills and competencies lend themselves very well to effective project management.


The Visionary Seller is Internally Motivated and balanced in their Self-Other orientation. They are 100% committed to what they’re doing and have total belief in their product/service. Visionary Sellers are strongly future-oriented and way ahead of the market curve. They are early adopters and are ideally suited to sell products and services that don’t yet have an established market. They are inspirational and effective influencers/persuaders. What the customer buys from the Visionary Seller is the “sizzle with the steak.”


The Value Seller is Internally Motivated and Other-focused. Value Sellers are concerned about people, relationships, and the care or nurturing of others. Value Sellers balance concern for selling and concern for the customer. In selling, they look for “win-win” solutions. Customers have high regard for the Value Seller because the Value Seller builds trust. They know they are getting good value, and great support. For the customer, they’re not buying the product/service; they’re buying the Value Seller!

At NASP, we want you to be successful, and we want you to have a high GQ. Join us today in increasing your GQ by enrolling in the CPSP certification course, by taking the seller style assessment and getting free prescriptive coaching or by just looking around. Here’s to your success!

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