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It’s All About You

The Importance of Building your Customer Relationships Through an Online Presence I was reading a report recently about how much value is placed on the business-client relationship in an online marketing environment. It seems, from what I have read and experienced recently, that developing an online presence is very important to both the client and […]

Walmart, and a Cup of Coffee

Customer Service Excellence Walmart and a Cup of Coffee By Cyndy Robinson As much as some of society disses retail big box stores like Walmart, we can’t lose sight of the fact that many of our friends and family help to anchor them by taking to their employ every day. This is a story about […]

The Nugget Rule

Take what you learn and apply it The second week of each month brings a multitude of positives, but only one negative. Over the past year, I have committed myself to exploring local networking groups. I have met some wonderfully talented and giving people who are dedicated to the sustainability of our community, and the […]