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What to Do When Asked Your Price

I get emails all the time and it’s great because I get real insight into what reps face day in and day out – and how they are dealing with it. The email below is a perfect example of this. I’m sure this rep isn’t alone in facing this kind of selling situation. Read his […]

Five Ways to Get a Commitment on the First Call

What kind of a commitment do you get from your prospect at the end of your prospecting call? If you’re like most sales reps, the answer is, ah, none. Or, it’s an undefined, “Well, I’ll follow up with you next week…” If this sounds familiar – or if you’re a manager and it sounds like […]

The Real Secret to Qualifying Leads

OK, now I want you to pay very careful attention… I’m going to give you, right now, the Real Secret to what it takes to really qualify a lead. Before I do, though, let me back up just a minute. Here’s how all this came about. Right now I’m involved with a company whereby I’m […]

How to Hire Successful Sales Reps

Many business owners and sales managers ask me if I have a proven system or a way to identify and hire top sales reps. They have tried everything, they tell me. They check references, review similar work experiences, talk to ex co-workers, hold multiple job interviews, and sometimes they even spring for some high priced […]

Getting Commitment Through Out the Buying Process

Prospects go through many phases before making the final buying decision. Some sales have more phases than others, and there can be many steps involved including evaluating data or demos, going up or down the decision chain, talking with partners, spouses, or others, etc. Whether your process is short or long, your challenge is the […]

Five Secrets to Exercising Authority

If you are a sales manager or business owner, then you probably know and understand that fine line between being a leader and exercising authority, and trying to fit in as part of the team and wanting people to like you. Managers struggle with this all the time, and many would be leaders lose their […]

3 Secrets to Reaching Your Financial Goals in 2013

Now that December is here, it is time for me to solidify my goals for 2013. As always, I balance and set goals in all areas to maximize my growth as a person and as a professional. I have goals for health that include a targeted lifetime eating plan; goals for my business that emphasize […]

How to Manage Your Sales Manager

If you’re a business owner, then I know you place a lot of responsibility on your inside sales manager. In many companies, managers are not only responsible for finding, hiring and developing successful reps, but they are also responsible for training these new reps and for the continued training of existing sales reps as well. […]

How to Hire Top Sales Reps

Ask any manager, V.P. or business owner what one of the biggest challenges they face in making their revenue numbers and they’ll tell you it’s identifying, hiring and retaining good sales reps. If you are familiar with my management philosophy, then you’ve heard me talk about the 80/20 rule in sales, and all you have […]

2 Great New Year’s Questions for Your Clients

Welcome back to the office, how do you feel? Overwhelmed? Under pressure already? If so, then you’re not alone. Most company’s management and sales teams are under immediate pressure already to begin accomplishing their new goals and sales targets. In fact, this pressure is also felt in the accounting department, the marketing department, and everywhere […]