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Guerilla Marketing? Make Sure It Does Not Mess Up Lead Generation

For companies in search of more sales leads in their lead generation efforts, it pays to employ the best marketing strategy that will attract the most attention, no matter what the form. That is why we have viral marketing, telemarketing, and what seems to be the thing today — guerilla marketing.

Sure, using strange or over-the-board tactics to gain customers’ attention (and their cash) can be effective, especially in segments with an entrenched market leader, but when it goes wrong, the backlash can be too much to handle for the company who organized it.

Remember Cartoon Network’s ‘explosive’ marketing campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force back in ’07 in Boston? That scare cost Cartoon Network head’s Jim Samples his job, not to mention having to pay-out $2 million to Boston’s emergency response teams. While we could write it off as an honest to goodness mistake on the part of the network’s marketing team, you have to admit that this can be a real bad for your own appointment setting campaign when that happens.

So, should we or should we not go guerilla marketing? To be honest, it is all up to you. But before you take that plunge, ask yourself these questions:

Who is my audience? What should I be telling them? How will I tell them my message? Can my medium be misunderstood when seen at another angle?

Once you have satisfied these points, it will be easier for you to plan your marketing campaign. Who knows, this might be just what you need to generate more B2B leads.

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