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How To Avoid Being Stood Up By Your Malaysian Business Appointments

Let’s face it, you’re not the most important thing on the schedule of your Malaysian business leads, and being so gives them a whole lot of reasons to simply forget or cancel your scheduled appointment. Here are a few tips to help you avoid being stood-up by your prospects and make the most of your business appointments:

It is important to always confirm the status of your scheduled appointments, so give your business leads a call a day or a few hours before the meeting. Even a simple email or text message can go a long way to help you avoid an unpleasant situation. Remember that important company decision-makers are often too busy and won’t bother to inform you when they decide to change their schedule even if they promised to, so it’s your company’s responsibility to make sure that you or your sales representatives are secured properly in that busy schedule.
Treat your time as gold, because it is; so be “selectively generous” with your time. Even if it’s important to make as many appointments as possible, it would only be a waste of time if these appointments are with prospects who are not yet ready to purchase. Spend more time with those Malaysian business leads who are willing to buy and have the means to do so to not only improve your conversion rates, but also increase your overall profits. Hiring professional business to business appointment setters will give you the means necessary for making those quality appointments that are truly worth your precious time.
Schedule your appointments with the business leads’ calendar in mind. For certain industries and businesses in Malaysia, there are particular dates of the year when they are most busy and swamped with work or it’s considered a holiday. If you know your target market well enough (which you should), you would be aware of these dates and schedule your appointments around them.
So what do you do if you get stood up for an appointment, even after all the precautions you’ve done to make sure it doesn’t happen? Simple: don’t fret. Give your business lead a call to find out why they didn’t show. They might have needed to deal with an emergency and needed you to wait a little longer, or they wanted to reschedule. Either way, make use of the free time you now have by setting appointments with other prospects or confirming the ones you’ve already made.

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