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30 Must-Know Resources for Your Last-Minute GDPR Preparations

GDPR Readiness Those of you of a certain age will recall the great Y2K scare that gripped the world at the turn of the century. Now, as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in a little over two weeks, many sources are calling it the “Y2K of B2B Marketing.” But beyond […]

How To Make Decision Makers Say ‘Yes’ to your Cyber Security Solution

Cyber security is all about protecting company information and the protection of computer hardware system from major cyber threats — theft or damage. Whether you’re into banking, an IT company, government agency or any financial organization, every business needs cyber security. Importance of cyber security solutions In a modern world where risk is at its […]

The Three Decision Makers In Singapore Lead Generation

Conducting a lead generation campaign in Singapore can be a big problem, especially if you fail to get in touch with the right business prospects or, more exactly, the right decision makers. Each organization has may have different decision makers but, generally speaking, there are three people that you should reach. This can affect your […]

Sales And Marketing Coordination Improves B2B Sales Leads Conversion

Are your sales and marketing teams working properly to make the most of your business’ resources? Believe it or not, more than 50% of your B2B sales leads are not being converted properly because these two teams are not properly coordinated. What happens when sales and marketing teams don’t cooperate with each other? Here are […]