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The 5-Step Method of Handling Objections

image credit flickr Overcoming Objections in Sales I get so many requests asking me how to handle objections, that I thought I’d go ahead and give you the secret method that I reveal in my in-person trainings – the definite way you should handle and deal with all objections. This is a Top 20% favorite […]

5 Mental Attitudes of Winners

Success in sales, as in all of life, starts by first developing and maintaining an expectant attitude of success. Simply put, all top performers expect that they are going to succeed, and because of this they consistently take the actions that lead them to achieve their goals and become successful. It is their mental attitudes […]

What the NFL Can Teach You about Your Inside Sales Team

Every so often, a person comes along who changes their field of study in a major way. Louis Pasteur changed the world of medicine with his introduction of the germ theory. Thomas Edison changed our world through the use of electricity. Albert Einstein changed modern physics. Steve Jobs changed the world of computing. And Paul […]

Experienced Sales Reps

Should You Hire Them? Who would you rather hire for your inside sales team – an experienced rep with experience selling different products or services across several companies, or someone new to sales, say a college graduate, or how about a waiter or bar tender or someone one else new to sales? The proper answer […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills

In sales, the ability to truly listen is what separates the Top 20% of producers from the bottom 80%. Now when I say “listen,” I mean much more than just hearing what a prospect is saying. Many sales reps hear their prospects, but because they are unprepared to handle various objections or questions, they are […]

How to Build Relevant Rapport

We all know the importance of building rapport over the phone. Let’s face it, people tend to do business with people they like, know or trust. What you may not know, though, is that talking about the latest sports scores or schmoozing about vacation spots is not an effective way to build rapport and often […]

5 Ways to Handle the “No Budget” Objection

image credit flickr How to Deal with No Budget in Sales It’s no surprise that the biggest objection you’re facing in today’s economy is the “no budget” objection. Now, does this mean that companies aren’t buying anything? Of course not! Think about your own life – you’re still shopping, buying, and getting ready for the […]

How to Write Winning Emails

I don’t know about you, but my email open rate is going the way of voicemails – rarely listened to, and quickly deleted. What I’ve found, however, is that there are some techniques that can give you the best chance of getting your emails read and even responded to, but you have to be very […]

The Secret of Setting Successful Goals

I don’t know about you, but now that’s it’s a new month, it’s time for me to identify new priorities and then set some specific goals for their accomplishment. I know the value of having specific goals in each area of my life, and by becoming clear on exactly where I want to be by […]

How to Use Layering Questions

First, for those of you who have seen me live, you know that I am big on questioning your prospects during the qualification stage. As I’ve said – your prospects have all the answers as to why they will buy or not buy, and it is your job to get them to reveal this to […]