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8 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Strategies

Make no mistake: Sales is about personal interaction. Consumers purchase goods and services which meet their needs or solve their problems. And mostly, they invest in the brands they already know and like. But if you’re into b2b, instead of selling straight to the consumers, you have to be more personal with the companies. Here […]

The Seven Cardinal Sins In Management

As a manager, your job is to lead your employees properly. Now, the problem comes in when you fail to lead them properly. Probably because of your management style or personality, but it will nevertheless affect their performance, especially in lead generation. It can even have dire effects in your lead generation campaign. When was […]

Why Do Your Employees Leave You?

For companies involved in appointment setting services, especially those using telemarketing as its medium, one of the biggest challenges that they might face is in terms of employee loyalty and turnover. Indeed, employees leaving the company can greatly affect a company’s ability in generating good business leads. In this type of business, consistency is the […]

There Is Something More Important Than Hot B2B Leads

Are your b2b lead generation strategies too focused on the business leads that are ready to purchase? These end-stage leads may be the dream of every sales and marketing team, but when your lead generation strategies are all concentrated on these types of leads, the others in your sales funnel may get left out and […]

Is Multitasking Bad For Lead Generation?

Yes, we all need to bring out the most out of our work day. Given the frenzy in which the business world moves, doing things fast becomes natural for us. Among the things we commonly do is performing all the tasks at hand at the same time. While this might sound like a good idea, […]

The Seven Best Marketing Tools

When it comes to B2B lead generation, we want to have the very best tools available. After all, it can be really troublesome if you do not have the necessary tools for B2B leads. Now, here is the thing, what are the most effective tools in generating sales leads? While we may have seen so […]

How To Persuade Your B2B Leads Without Really Persuading

Sometimes the hardest part in building quality business relations with your B2B leads is in persuading them to affiliate with your business or to make them into long-term customer for your business. Have you ever experienced being frozen in your tracks in such a way that you doesn’t know what to say next? This scenario […]

Know What Your cThink During Lead Generation

A lead generation and appointment setting campaign will only be successful if you know what exactly you should be saying to your business prospects. This makes all the difference when you are intent on generating qualified B2B leads. Just imagine: your prospect is saying one thing, and then you are proposing another. Is that not […]

The Eight Things Your Employees Will Need At Work

If we are talking about motivation in business, it is actually one topic that generates a lot of interest. After all, motivating employees can make all the difference in increasing productivity for the company. This has an important impact in the area of lead generation. Think about it, if you can get your employees to […]

How To Boost Your Sales Leads Generation Campaign

Are you involved in b2b appointment setting? Then you will agree that the strength of your telemarketing team will determine the success of your campaign or not. They are the people responsible for the generation of B2B sales leads that are so important for your business. The only question here is how to motivate them […]