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3 Ways To Make Twitter More Useful

It is hard not to use Twitter for one-way communication. The way the stream flies past so fast conversations and interactions take work. Plus, you usually have to follow a trail of breadcrumbs to see what the initial tweet was about. However, because that’s how the majority of users are handling their time on Twitter, […]

The 9 Reasons People Procrastinate With Social Media

We all know by now, that when you make a habit of connecting with potential customers little and often, on topics that they care about, you increase the likelihood of them doing business with you. That could be 5 minutes each network per day. 5 minutes on each of the 5 major networks is less […]

Comment Marketing

What You’ve Been Doing All Along Now Has A Name! One of the best traffic sources is to comment on someone else’s blog, when that blog is on a relevant, related topic. It may sound counter-intuitive to raise up our competition but oddly enough it makes us look more authoritative when we do. There are […]

LinkedIn For Business

5 Tools To Make Better Use Of Your Time Spent There LinkedIn – the name is good. We all want to be linked in to whatever’s happening; to be part of the “in” crowd has been most people’s goal since junior high school! So, why is the social media site such a snore? It’s bland, […]

LinkedIn For Business

Suit Up For This Social Media Site Of all the popular social media sites right now, LinkedIn is the one most purely focused on business. It was first set up as a way to billboard your resume; it remains the best way for professionals to find jobs and employers to find their next employees. So, […]

LinkedIn For Business

How To Tell Your Whole Story, With Keywords LinkedIn is the social media platform for business connections. Of course, a virtual connection can not replace any kind of in-person, live engagement, but you can do a lot to round out your full profile on LinkedIn so that people can understand the whole you. The whole […]

The Top Social Media Tactic Today

Spot The Passion! Social media marketing used to be about two things: connect with potential customers and build back-links that would raise up your product’s rankings in the search engines, commonly referred to as SEO. Now, SEO (search engine optimization) takes a back seat to referrals and recommendations. For any kind of success with social […]

The 3 Main Principles of Social Media Marketing

More corporate advertising dollars are being spent on social media marketing now than ever before. There are oodles of books, articles, white papers, free reports, webinars, teleseminars, etc. explaining how to maximize your time and money invested in social media, but the whole thing is much simpler than people would have you believe. Social media […]

Social Networking Makes Everyone A Better Marketer

You make the most of a social network when you know how it works. With the advent of each new platform we all have to learn new skills. Sometimes that skill is how to get our marketing message into 140 characters; for others the challenge is to turn a work-oriented message into a picture. In […]

LinkedIn For Business

Tailor Separate Views Of Your Company To Different Audiences As other social media sites continue to grab headlines, LinkedIn thrives just fine under the radar. In fact, it is becoming more useful and more focused as the diddlers and dabblers head off to prettier pastures. The community is respectable and respectful. LinkedIn’s users are professional […]