LinkedIn For Business

How To Tell Your Whole Story, With Keywords

There are things you might not want to put on your resume, but all of it should go on LinkedIn. Partly because LinkedIn is a social network, and you want to present yourself as a whole person, but more importantly because your whole experience explains...

Sales staffing should be aimed at hiring the best, brightest, and most talented sales professionals. When selecting a superior sales candidate for your organization you should have a clear picture of the type of sales people you want to hire. You and your current sales team should be prepared to ask some tough pertinent questions of the candidates to determine who best to hire for the position.

The Spirit of Service

What Is Lost if Salespeople Don't Have It?

Every retail employee must realize how much their attitude will add to or take away from the customer's total experience. More importantly, their attitude can determine how the customer chooses to tell others about their shopping event. A spirit of service is nothing more than an attitude that communicates the desire to make a difference in the life of each customer the salesperson meets.