Anything that has even a hint of dishonesty or deceit rubs people the wrong way and does more to convince them not to join you in the business than it does to persuade them to take a look at your opportunity. So why not use honesty from the get go? Your prospects truly yearn for sales situations that maintain honesty over manipulation. No matter what might sound salesman slick or smooth to say... honesty really is the best policy.

Honesty and integrity in sales. Those are two words that are not often associated with the profession. Dishonesty in a sales person's resume means they don't play on my team. There are more than enough statistics to support the issue of what I call "resume inflation."

Salespeople often allow popular to win versus right. For example, it is time for an account review, a manager inserts himself into the process and informs the salesperson of what is going to be done in that meeting. The salesperson listens to the strategy and knows that it is not right for the account. However, the sales person says nothing to the manager.

The word "integrity" is the most overused and misunderstood word in business. Many claim to have the upmost highest level of integrity when it comes to serving their customers, respecting their service partners and treatment of their employees but very few really know what the word means.

Who really achieves success in sales? The people who practice integrity with every person with whom they come in contact. There is no substitute -- no alternative -- to consistent integrity. The real measurement of integrity is what you do when nobody is looking and when nobody will ever find out what you have or have not done.