Often Sales Leaders mistake being a good role model for great sales leadership. Being a good role model simply educates your sales team how you do things that work. It gives them strategies to try out for themselves. It's an important part of your role...especially for new recruits. You already know that all sales people have their own personality traits and require different approaches to develop, inspire and motivate them to perform well.

Everyone is looking for shortcuts that actually deliver value. In the NASP CSPS Certification program, the use of Role Models provides one of the best and most reliable shortcuts to success that I've ever used.

You strive for excellence in everything you do - especially your career. You read the latest books and you study the best new techniques. At times, though, you may wonder if it will ever come together. Surely there must be a better way. There is: it's called "modeling." In a nutshell, modeling means precisely duplicating the strategy of the person who is already achieving the result you want [...]