Some kinds of sales training can't come out of an off-the-shelf textbook. Salespeople need company-specific training too in order to do their best.

Getting ready to fill a sales position at your company? The interview is crucially useful in helping you to identify star salespeople.

Did you ever have a need to be creative on a short notice? Perhaps your client or boss is looking for a new marketing piece or your competitor is in a weak position and you need to get something into the market quickly?

Business to Business(B2B) sales activity signifies the ends of the sales process, where one is the seller and other is the customer, both being businesses and not individuals. In case of B2B sales, the customer might not be the end consumer of the products or services.

Are good salespeople still in demand? Absolutely. The question is, "Are employers willing to find them, compensate them accordingly and continually invest in their development?"