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Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Take A Break From Social Media

image source: Pexels Since the advent of Social media platforms, it has marked its presence in almost every household. The glitz and glamor for appreciation and recognition have driven people to limitless usage. Many people simply don’t take a break from social media and this has an adverse impact on their mental health. On average, […]

5 Ways to Increase Lead Quality

image source Sales and business development professionals know the importance of receiving quality inbound leads. It’s not enough to simply increase volume by pushing out massive marketing campaigns. Organizations need to ensure that the leads coming in have both the ability and intention to eventually make a purchase. However, with invalid email addresses frequently filling […]

8 Tips for Small Businesses Running LinkedIn Ads

Image source: Unsplash LinkedIn’s potential as a vast social platform is no news. We are talking about the potential to reach over 500 million people from different parts of the world. Every serious B2B and B2C business that wants to boost website traffic and maximize leads must find a way to conquer this platform.  But […]

Proven Benefits of Using Digital Business Tools

With the advent of modern technology, business and commerce have undergone a paradigm shift in the last few decades. As long as you have an internet connection, you can now reach anyone located in any part of the world and promote your business. Not only that, for some industries, delivering services and products has reached […]

5 Sales Performance KPIs to Closely Monitor in 2022

Image source: Freepik We all cannot deny the fact that sales are the lifeblood of every business. It does not matter in which industry you are operating, if you are able to constantly maintain your sales target, you will manage to succeed in the business.  However, in order to maintain something, first, you need to […]

6 Ways to Modernize and Personalize The Way You Communicate With Leads

Source Personalization has always been a cornerstone of effective marketing. And with so many different channels available now to reach your leads, why not make every interaction count?  Your leads will remember you and respond better if they feel like you understand them as individuals, rather than treating them like impersonal numbers on a spreadsheet. […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing With Social Testing

Image source: Pexels Whenever you are unsure if an idea you have is going to work, one of the best things you can do is test your concept with users. As such, usability testing is an integral part of app and website development, as it quickly uncovers bugs and lets teams collect feedback directly from […]

7 Strategies to Boost Remote Sales Productivity in 2022

Image source: Pexels Your business growth is directly related to your remote sales team’s productivity. If your sales team is productive, you will sell more products and services in less time. As a result, customer acquisition cost will be lower, and profit will be higher. Now, a question comes – how will you improve sales […]

How To Generate More Revenue In Online Clothing Business

A primary goal for countless business owners is to increase their sales. Hence, it is true even for the clothing and apparel industry. Whether small or large business, a pop-up store, or simply an online retail store selling clothes, the goal remains unchanged.  It may be hard to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon. Nonetheless, […]

How can you use customer psychology to boost your sales?

Photo by Lovefreund Knowing customer psychology is like having a secret weapon. It is game-changing since it allows you to understand what motivates customers to choose your product over your competitor’s.  Customer psychology may help you choose the right incentive, manage your relationships, and influence how others see you. It will also assist you in […]