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3 Secrets to a Do It Now Attitude

One of life’s simplest solutions to reaching your goals and your desired life can be summed up in three simple words “Do it Now”. If you are heavily active in goal achievement programs, running a business or running your life, you will hear often that to truly make change you need to take action. So […]

“Give ’em the Pickle”

Pickles are those special extra things you do to make people happy. It’s a special phone call you make to your customer or a handwritten thank you note that you include with every order. It is taking the time to walk the customer down the isle to find the item that they are looking for […]

7 Simple Secrets to Turning Prospects into Customers

Turning prospects in to customers is a big challenge many business owners face especially when they are not skilled in the selling process. But having customers is necessary to grow your business so here are 7 simple secrets to turning prospects into customers. Attract the right prospect to your funnel It is very easy to […]

Are You Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online social network of experienced professionals from around the world with over 37 million members in over 200 countries. Executives from all the Fortune 500 companies and well know experts, authors and leaders are all LinkedIn members, so the question is, are you? Do you remember the old saying “it’s not what […]

7 Things Successful People Do Every Day

All successful people are successful because they remain focused on reaching their goals, are truly committed and do the certain things each and every day to reach their destinations. They each may have different backgrounds, educational levels and financial resources but each of them commit to these seven things every day to stay true to […]

How to Write Email Promotions that ROCK!

Most people believe that writing requires skill and is an art. I believe this to be true when you are creating works of art such as novels, ebooks and whitepapers but when it comes to email promotions; I believe writing is a science. By following a simple formula, anyone can create successful email promotions. Every […]

12 Creative Marketing Tricks for Immediate Results

Did you ever have a need to be creative on a short notice? Perhaps your client or boss is looking for a new marketing piece or your competitor is in a weak position and you need to get something into the market quickly? Here are 12 quick ideas to test or implement when you need […]

Winston Churchill’s Valuable Life Lessons

Winston Churchill is probably no stranger to anyone. He was an inspirational British leader during the Second World War, a noted statesman, officer, historian, writer and artist and the only British Prime Minister to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. Throughout history and even today, Winston Churchill is often quoted for his words of wisdom […]

What is List Building?

There is so much talk these days about list building it may be difficult to translate what exactly is list building and how it could benefit your business. In today’s marketing environment, having a list of clients and prospect is important to every business and should be an integral part of any marketing strategy, especially […]

6 Tips For a Winning Marketing Plan

Many small business owners find planning their marketing activities a daunting task often creating a feeling of being overwhelmed. There are so many things to consider and so many options to choose from, how will you know what decisions to make? Marketing is an overreaching term used in business everyday to describe a variety of […]